As Christmas nears closer and closer and the shops get busier and busier the inevitable question appears once again, What are you doing for Christmas & New Year?

It was for many years I couldn’t imagine going away for Christmas or New year and breaking traditions of sitting by the family with the Christmas telly on in the background as most fall asleep within their chairs full of Christmas dinner.

Then one year I had the epiphany why not mix it up a little and go away for Christmas! As soon as I took the jump I didn’t look back!


Kevin’s Top Christmas & New Year Picks


1. German Christmas Markets

This is a definite must for all of you lovers of the traditional Christmas. Visualise yourself walking round the beautiful picturesque cities of Germany with mulled wine in one hand and a pretzel in the other. This is perfect for all you shopping lovers to be able to buy unique gifts for friends and love ones or alternatively to drink a traditional stein and enjoy a schnitzel! This is a must from anytime from December to January for the true taste of Christmas!

2. Lapland

Ever dreamt about having the ultimate Christmas surrounded by huskies snow and even a possible sighting of the real Santa Claus!? This is truly lots of fun for everyone in the family! It’s best to wrap up warm as it’s definitely going to be cold as you go on your trail with huskies or reindeer through the snowy surrounds! Why not take a trip to an igloo or even try out a snowmobile. This is a great little trip for a 3/4night stay!

3. Sydney, Australia

Ever been sitting at home on New Year Eve watching the tele when it pans to places around the world and you see the picturesque skyline with Sydney Opera House and thousands of pounds worth of fireworks exploding to wonderful music and celebrations? Stop dreaming and include this in a wonderful trip to Australia! As well as the harbour of light festival you can also take some time out to see Bondi beach and the many other northern beaches. This is great for couples/families who would like to have an alternative to the traditional Christmas Celebrations

File:Sydney habour bridge & opera house fireworks new year eve 2008.jpg

4. Indian Ocean

Why don’t you completely alleviate the stresses of cooking and stressing over the Christmas roast to having someone else taking the reigns of cooking and cleaning whilst you relax on a beautiful beach looking at the clear blue sea? There’s nothing better than going away and enjoying one of the fine all inclusive resorts in the Maldives, Mauritius or Seychelles. This is perfect for couples and families alike.


5. European City Break

There was a really lovely idea that one of Ember Travel’s clients do each year. Towards Christmas time every year they save up some money and instead of buying each other presents they plan a short city break away at Christmas time. This is a truly lovely idea and what better way to spend your money and having many more stories to tell and share of your adventures away each Christmas (instead of the obligatory bread maker or blender that often gets lost in the cupboard). Whether it be Barcelona, Paris, Copenhagen, Stockholm or St Petersburg there’s a range of amazing breaks to be experienced!


We wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year wherever you are from all of us here at Ember Travel!

Kevin & the team