One of the most common bespoke travel enquiries we get on a regular basis is to plan the ultimate road trip!
This is by far one of the best bucket list musts and after going on many ourselves we highly recommend. This post will give you some great tips on what to think about before hitting the open road.


Planning the destination
Whether you are wanting to hit the route 66 travelling from Chicago to LA, go on the historic Inca trails in Peru or race across the beautiful mountainous winding roads of Europe, the key is in the planning of the destination. Question number one is, where would you like to go? Sometimes the traveller will have the destination in mind or the true spontaneous individual will say where do you recommend?!


Planning the Time frame

The second most important bit of advice is planning the time frame for your trip. Whether you’re looking for a summer getaway of 1-3 weeks or are planning the ultimate 3-6 month tour its important to understand the time frame of your trip. One of the biggest mistake that people make when planning a road trip is not allowing enough time for their trip. This is obviously very different depending on where you’re going and where your interests lie.


Importantly we like to understand if our customers are huge city lovers then its best to allow more days in New York or if they are adventurers then spend more time in Banff on the mountainous trails.


Theres nothing worst then having so many things you want to do in a place but have to be back on the road the next day, you could always book up another holiday for the following year though 😉




Planes, Trains and Automobiles


Planning of transportation is another important factor of your trip. Is driving a Mustang up the Highway 1 from LA to San Francisco and important factor of your trip? Maybe you’d like to fly over the Grand Canyon in a helicopter on your trip? Take a seaplane to the Vancouver Islands in Canada or motorcycle the bustling streets of Thailand on a motorbike. As well as knowing where you’d like to go, having a time frame it’s important to plan what kind of transportation you’d like to incorporate into your travel plans.
More often than not we can usually think outside the box and come up with other methods our customers didn’t usually think of like a train through the rockies instead of plane or an extra here or there usually for the same price or sometimes even less!




This is the boring but important bit, the budget!
Driving somewhere can cost you less money than flying there, but it still comes with hidden costs such as one way drop off fee’s if driving all one way, Collision Waiver Damage, deposits and accommodation fees along the way.




Overall, we can arrange your trip around your budget and advise what would be the best options to work for all of the above!
At Ember Travel we have a wealth of knowledge with every single eventuality and have planned and experienced many road trips ourselves!


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