At Ember Travel we aren’t just a travel agent we are also avid travellers ourselves.

We thought we’d share a collection of our favourite tips from our team as well as some of our clients which we think will be very handy for everyone!


1. Always pack a scarf!

This sounds silly but we always pack a scarf/poncho which is very handy whether you’re going somewhere cold, you can use it when sitting on a beach, in a park and can be carried easily.


2. Wake up Early 

We know you’re on holiday and it’s time for relaxing but waking up early is the best way to view all the attractions without the hassle of queuing.


3. Be Patient

You’re on holiday so remember usually other countries have less fast paced cultures than your own. So don’t feel stressed out if that bus is 20-30 minutes late, be patient 🙂



4. Stash your cash

Never put all of your cash in one place or carry it all on your person. No one wants the horror story of putting all cash in your luggage bag and it gets lost. Or having all your money in your wallet before taking an impromptu jump into the sea and having to dry all of your money out 😉


5. Laugh when things go wrong

One of our team had the unfortunate thing happen when trying to pronounce  an adjacent town to where they were staying in Rome and clearly not pronouncing it correctly and ending up somewhere an hour away haha. Instead of getting angry or worried they ended up laughing and having  great time in this quaint little town they may not have seen otherwise.


6. Save up and go big!

Unanimously one of the big things people always say when returning from their holidays is .. “if we had enough money we would have loved to have..” whether it be swim with dolphins, take that excursion to Egypt from Cyprus or a tour. Make sure you save up enough money to be able to have that splurge on that lifetime opportunity for adventure!

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7. Interact with Locals

Its great to learn a little bit of lingo and try making the effort and speaking to the locals. You may be surprised how friendly most people are to tourists especially when making the effort in their countries!


8. Keep your mind open!

Remember when travelling to various places around the world locals customs and cultures are very different to our own so respect their culture and do a little bit of reading before going abroad. It’s important to understand other peoples cultures such as if going to Japan it’s unlikely people will shakes hand but bow or you may find that people aren’t being off with you they may just be more reserved such as places within Scandinavia 🙂


9. Get lost!

There is a quote which says “sometimes you have to get lost to find yourself”, we couldn’t agree more! You’ll never truly experience a place until you get lost there like the streets of Venice or the suburbs of Amsterdam. You’ll be amazed at that little local restaurant which serves the best food in that city or that out the way shop full of unique handmade items.


10. Try at least one local dish

What would going to Russia be without having a Kiev? Vienna without a strudel? Paris without a croissant or Venice without ice cream and Bruchetta! Everywhere we go we always make a pact to try and try at least one traditional meal in a traditional restaurant. You’ll be surprised by jumping out your comfort zone you may learn a new love of!