Throughout the years the travel industry has evolved and changed dramatically especially with what we do on holiday.

A few years ago an excursion would be a simple add on to your holiday whereas more and more we are booking and organising packages or our customers which are based around the particular sporting event.

Below we have come up with our Top 5 Sporting Holidays that we can arrange.



Barcelona FC

Barcelona is not only one of the most beautiful cultural capitals of the world it is also home to one of the worlds biggest football teams Barcelona FC.

We have been booking so many package holidays for couples and families alike who want to witness the future legendary footballers such as Messi & Neymar.



Formula 1

What’s better then the smell of petrol, the thunderous sound of roaring tyres and watching cars travel at 200mph. Nothing if you are a Formula 1 Fan.

Formula 1 is one of the wondrous sports that travels throughout the world and is held on tracks in amazingly diverse cities from Shanghai to Monaco and Dubai. Whether you’re looking to treat a loved one or just want to travel the world this is an amazing once in a lifetime experience.




Have you every dreamed of seeing the All blacks in New Zealand or going to the Rugby European Finals.

It is the ultimate bucket list must for any Rugby fanatic to travel around the world to view stars such as Carlo Canna (Italy) & Jules Plisson (France).




If golf is your thing we have many amazing packages in which we can create.

You can have the chance to enjoy the thrill of The Masters at Augusta National first-hand. We have got a fantastic selection of US Masters packages that can help make your dreams of visiting Augusta a reality. We have a selection of flight Inclusive and Hotel Only options both in Columbia and Augusta with tickets that will see you be there to take the entire weekends play.




Established in 1882, the Ashes is perhaps the most prestigious cricket series in history and forms one of the most celebrated rivalries in sport. In 2017 England will once again travel to Australia in a bid to take home the ‘little urn’. This is a must for all you cricket fanatics.


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