With the average wedding in the UK now being calculated at £20,000 Brits are now more and more planning on the ultimate wedding abroad and this gives the perfect excuse for the already perfect destination for the honeymoon also.

Get a wedding planner

Many hotels that host weddings can assist in helping you find a wedding planner or most actually have one in house. This is essential for making sure your big day goes to plan along with all of the arrangements and local customs to help everything go smoothly!


The Destination

There are soo many locations to choose from now around the world whether you’d love a wedding/honeymoon in the Med or Indian Ocean, the Caribbean or Far East or a maybe traditional Elvis themed Vegas wedding!


It’s a great idea to make sure you have some time at the hotel before the ceremony to get used to the time zone, have time to deal with the registry and to be taken around the hotel to enjoy it’s amenities.


Preparing in advance

With the added effort for family and friends who have to save to goto your wedding it’s really important to give them enough lead time for them to prepare and plan to goto your big day!


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